Part 1: The Romanov Pedigree

Romanov Genetics Activity Sheet

Signs & symptoms of spontaneous bleeding include:

  • Unexplained and excessive bleeding from cuts or injuries, or after surgery or dental work

  • Many large or deep bruises

  • Unusual bleeding after vaccinations

  • Pain, swelling or tightness in your joints

  • Blood in your urine or stool

  • Nosebleeds without a known cause

  • In infants, unexplained irritability

Emergency signs & symptoms of hemophilia include:

  • Sudden pain, swelling and warmth in large joints, such as knees, elbows, hips and shoulders, and in arm and leg muscles

  • Bleeding from an injury, especially if a severe form of hemophilia

  • Painful, prolonged headache

  • Repeated vomiting

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Neck pain

  • Double vision

A comparison of Hemophilia A with Normal clotting factor


Part 2: The Mystery of Anna Anderson

Part 3: Science Solves a Mystery

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