Model References:



Consider the Evidence:


Evidence Relationships:

We use arrows to indicate the relationship between the evidence and the model.  Sometimes the evidence has the same relationship to more than one model, and sometimes the realtionships contradict each other.  Many times a piece of evidence will relate strongly to one model, and not relate at all to another.  These conditions are all possible, just remember that we are indicating how the evidence relates to a model in this step.  We are not rating the value of the evidence just yet.

Evidence Strength:


We use numbers from 0 - 3 to indicate the strength or value of the evidence.  Some evidence is better than others.  Evidence from a trustworth source will have more strength than annectodtal evidence (a story one has heard).  Evidence must have proof to support it.  The better the proof, the better the strngth of the evidence.  We are not rating how the evidence relates to any particular model, but we are evaluating the quality of the evidence in this step.

Evaluate the quality of each piece of evidence independantly, and add it to the Matrix.



We use a matrix to organize all of oour data.  The matrix is nothing more than a chart that helps us organize our thoughts - which will help us determine the model that best explains the data available. 


Remember:  Scientists need to modify your model as additional data becomes availabe.

Evidence Matrix

Write a description of each piece of evidence in the Matrix.  Do not refer to each piece of evidence by number or short name - others who look at your work won't undertsand what you mean.  Always be sure to document the work you do so others can understand you.





Evidence discussed

Explaining how evidence fits with model

Explaining  Matrix Criteria

Writing Rubric

Explaining  contradictory evidence

No evidence mentioned

No evidence mentioned

No contradictory evidence mentioned

No Matrix Criteria


One evidence mentioned

Evidence mentioned

Contradictory evidence mentioned

Explains one  Matrix Criteria

More than one evidence discussed

Evidence mentioned & described

Contradictory evidence mentioned & described

Mentions several   Criteria or explains one criteria

All evidence discussed

All evidence mentioned & described how it relates to model

Contradictory evidence  described how it relates to model

Explains several   Criteria