Sexual Selection:
One type of natural selection

What is Sexual Selection?

So, what did we learn about Natural Selection?

Here are questions to guide your viewing of this video.


  1. What is "Descent with Modification"?

  2. What are Mutations?

  3. What is "Common Descent"? 

  4. What is the evidence for "Common Descent"?

  5. What was one reason that "Common Descent" was questioned in the past?

  6. How do we think complex life arose from simple life?

  7. How did the tortoises help Darwin develop his theory of  "Evolution by Natural Selection"?

  8. Compare and Contrast "Artificial Selection" with "Natural Selection". 

  9. How is it possible that Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Brussel Sprouts are all the same species, with different traits. 

  10. Define "Evolution by Natural Selection"

  11. How does "Nature" decide which traits should survive?

What is the evidence for Natural Selection?

So, what evidence did we see that supports Natural Selection?

Here are questions to guide your viewing of this video.


  1. What are the two central claims of Evolution?

  2. What are lines of evidence? 

  3. How do the lines of evidence help prove the central concepts of Evolution?

  4. What is the evidence that Whales are descendants of a common four legged land animal?

  5. How many lines of evidence were used as proof for this claim?

  6. Which line of evidence do you think is most persuasive?  

  7. Why do you think this evidence was persuasive?

  8. Why do scientists think that Whales share a common ancestor with the Hippopotamus? 

  9. How do all of the lines of evidence support the original claim that Whales are descendants of a common four legged land animal?

The Peppered Moth displays classical Natural Selection in action.  How did the variations in the moth's coloring affect its ability to produce offspring?

Natural Selection in action: The Peppered moth