Evolution by Sexual Selection

What is Sexual Selection?

So, what did we learn about Sexual Selection?

Here are questions to guide your viewing of this video.


  1. What is "Sexual Selection"?

  2. How is "Sexual Selection" different from "Natural Selection"?

  3. What drives changes in phenotype during "Sexual Selection"?

  4. How do these changes happen? 

  5. What is the evidence for "Sexual Selection"?

  6. Describe how "Sexual Selection" occurs in your own words.

  7. How do we think complex life arose from simple life?

  8. How does a peacock examplify the concept of "Sexual Selection"?

  9. Define "Evolution by Sexual Selection"

  10. How do females decide which traits should survive during "Sexual Selection"?

How does the Peacock compare to the Bird of Paradise?

Here are questions to guide your viewing of this video.


  1. How do females help select the length of the male peacock's tail?

  2. How does this compare to the Bird of Paradise seen in the previous video?

  3. What were some of the ideas scientists explored to determine what affects the peacock tail length?

  4. What do you think females are more interested in - tail length or number of eye spots? 

  5. Why do you think females would visit males multiple times before selecting one to mate with?

  6. Why would a female go back to visit males after she has aready mated?


Peacock Sexual Selection