Homework Assignment H1



What do we know about water?  Water has properties that make it very important to life. 

Do you know how many key properties water has?  Do you know what they are? 

Do you know why they are important? 

That's what this homework is all about. 


The challenge is to give as much information about water as you can.  You might want to draw a diagram, or include a table or chart - you can even include graphs if it helps you provide a full explanation.  Your work should be at least one full page - two pages is probably better.  This assignment should be neatly hand written.  I can already hear students say "But Mr. DeRosa, it is so much easier if I just type and print out my answer!".  Yes, this may be true, but I don't want you cutting and pasting your answers.  So for this assignment, only handwritten will be accepted.


Here are some hints:

  • give the number of attributes you will be describing;

  • define each attribute

  • provide an example of what that attribute does (sometimes two or more attributes combine for an effect)

  • use full sentences

  • provide illustrations (don't forget to label everything you draw)

  • this isn't art class, so I am not expecting perfect drawings.  Our drawings are models that help us understand - keep them simple and use all drawings to help explain your thoughts.  LABEL everything.