Homework H8































___________ attaches the eyepiece and body tube to the base.
­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ supports the microscope.
___________ the tube that supports the eyepiece.
___________ a knob that makes large adjustments to the focus.
___________ an adjustable opening under the stage, allowing different amounts of light onto the stage.
___________ where you place your eye.
___________ a knob that makes small adjustments to the focus (it is often smaller than the coarse focus knob).

___________ a large lens with high magnifying power.
___________ a small lens with low magnifying power.
___________this illuminates the slide.
___________ the rotating device that holds the objectives (lenses).
___________ the platform on which a slide is placed.
___________ metal clips that hold a slide securely onto the stage.


Examine your microscope. Familiarize yourself with the parts of the microscope.


  • The magnification written on the ocular lens (eyepiece) is _____

  • The magnification written on the low power objective is ______x the high power objective is ______x.


  • The total magnification using the lenses can be determined by multiplying the objective lens with the ocular lens. What is the total magnification of an item viewed with the:


             LOW power objective. _____ x                                                            The HIGH POWER _______ x