Maintaining Life - 1

Anatomy & Physiology Homework

Chapter 1

Maintaining Life


Match the terms pertaining to functional characteristics of organisms in Column B with the appropriate descriptions in Column A.  Fill in the answer blanks with the appropriate letter or term.

Column A


___1. Keeps the body’s internal environment distinct from

          the external environment

___2. Provides new cells for growth and repair

___3. Occurs when constructive activities occur at a faster

          rate than destructive activities

___4. The Tuna sandwich you have just eaten is broken down

          to its chemical building blocks.

___5. Elimination of Carbon Dioxide by the lungs and

          elimination of nitrogenous waste by the kidneys.

___6. Ability to react to stimuli; a major role of the nervous


___7. Walking, throwing a ball, riding a bicycle

___8. All chemical reactions occurring in the body

___9. At the cellular level, membranes; for the whole body,

          the skin.

Column B


A. Digestion


B. Excretion


C. Growth


D. Maintenance of boundaries


E. Metabolism


F. Movement


G. Responsiveness


H. Reproduction

Using the Key Choices, correctly identify the survival needs that correspond to the following descriptions. 

Fill in the answer blanks with the appropriate letter or term.

___1. Includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats & minerals

___2. Essential for normal operation of the respiratory system     

          and breathing

___3. Single substance accounting for over 60% of body


___4. Provides the basis for body fluids of all types

___5. When too high or too low, physiological activities cease,

          primarily because water molecules are destroyed or

          become non-functional

Key Choices


A. Appropriate Body Temperature


B. Atmospheric Pressure


C. Nutrients


D. Oxygen


E. Water