What is the consequence for arriving late to class?

Students are responsible for all missed work.  Passes from another teacher does not guarantee an excused lateness.  Some pop-quizzes are held during the first minutes of class - students recieve a zero grade for quizes they miss because of lateness. Students should check this web site daily for updates to the course notes.  There are no rescheduled pop- and scheduled- quizzes for absences.  Students may be excused from scheduled tests, with a re-take scheduled with proper approval.   School policy may deny credit for excessive absences and lateness.  Review the student handbook for specific details on this and other policies.

What is the consequence if I miss class?

Students are responsible for all missed work.  Students should check this web site daily for updates to the course notes.  There are no rescheduled pop- and scheduled- quizzes for absences.  Students may be excused from scheduled tests, with a re-take scheduled with proper approval.  Contact Mr. DeRosa via e-mail PRIOR to the test to make arrangements.  Students who fail to make arrangements prior to the test date may be required to take the test as scheduled.  School policy is that course credit may be denied if students accrue more than 18 absences for a class.

What is the consequence for disruptive behavior?

My policy for disruptions is to notify your parent, via email or telephone, and advise them of your behavior.  You should be aware that disruptions are documented on each day's assignmet, and will result in a loss of credit for assignments and participation, as well as documentation added to your school records.  Your behavior may be reported to the administration for official follow-up.  Detention will be assigned at the teacher discretion.

Behavioral expectations include active participation in lessons, not having head down on desk, no electronics, and limited socializing.   


Disruptions during tests and quizzes will result in a ZERO grade on both the assignment AND class participation grade for all involved.  Parents and administration will be contacted

What is the consequence when I do a good job?

I have a policy to notify your parent, via email or telephone, and advise them of your behavior.  I believe that your parent deserves to hear when you do an exceptional job so you can be properly rewarded at home.

I have a problem that causes me to be late.  Can I still do well in this class?

I realize that students have lives outside of school. I am willing to work with students who have difficulties arriving to class on time.  Be sure to discuss your personal issues that may be causing you difficulties in class with your Guidance Counselor and teachers to be sure to get the consideration you need.

Rules and Consequences

Classroom rules are established to allow everyone to have a successful educational experience.  There are no punishments - only consequences. 

Each of us needs to realize that all of our actions have consequences - and work towards the consequences we desire.

What is the policy for electronics in class?

Cell phones and other electronics are not allowed in class. Please don't come to class expecting to charge or use any electronics.  All electronics must be turned off and placed inside a zippered book bag.  I will ask for you to remove all visible electronics once.  Refusal will result in security being called, along with parentel contact and a detention assigned.

Do you offer after school help?

I offer additional time for assignments during my office hours.  All assignments must be competed and handed in within one week of the original due date to receive credit.

I have office hours every Thursday after school for one hour.  Late busses are available.  You must spend the full time with me to get a late bus pass.

Office hours are offered on an as-needed basis for students with special scheduling needs.  Your misbehaving during class does not entitle you to my afterhours time.  Please see me to make an appointment.


I offer a reminder service for students and parents to allow you to keep track of upcoming and due assignments.  Click here for information: Remind

What supplies do I need for this class?

Students need to bring a pen or pencil to class every day.  In addition, students are advised to have a personal set of colored pencils, a composition notebook, and be prepared for learning.  I do not give locker passes for notebooks or other forgotten materials.  Lack of preparedness will affect your participation grade.

What is the Honor Code?

Our class will maintain an Honor Code that does not tolerate cheating.  Please do not share test information with your friends. If you witness cheating, you should notify the teacher - without providing the names of the offenders.  Students who are caught cheating in any way are subject to the consequences outlined in the academic honestly policy, including parental and adminstration notification, a grade of Zero for the test, quiz or homework assignment, and exclusion from National Honor Society.

How much homework can I expect?

An average of one hour of homework may be assigned weekly; this includes study time. You need to complete assignments to recieve credit, showing all required steps.  (Parents: Feel free to call or e-mail me if you would like to follow up on your student’s workload. If a student claims they have no homework, the same amount of time should be spent studying or reviewing material.) An average of 10 minutes needs to be spent on Biology studying every night for optimum grades.


You should expect at least one project per marking period.  Projects will have a grading rubric included.  Completion of these projects is expected on the due date - there will be a late penalty of 20% the first week, 50% the second week.  No credit will be assigned for projects handed in more than 10 days late.

How frequently do we take notes?

It is really important for students to take notes every day. Some students like to take photographs of the board instead of taking notes - this is not allowed in this class.  Writing your notes helps you remember the material presented.  Colored pencils can help you distinguish between concepts, and will be used on the board when it is difficult to see details in models.  Students should remember that this is not an art class, and your drawings and illustrations are tools to help you understand, not artistic renderings that need to be perfect.  Class notes need to be taken daily by the students and kept in their composition notebook.  Pages must NOT be removed from your notebook.

A set of class notes is maintained on this website.

What are some important dates for me to know?

End of Quarter                                      Report Card Distribution       Conference Dates

1st quarter   – (46 days) 11/17/15                    November 25, 2015                           Day: Oct. 23; March 4

2nd quarter – (46 days) 02/03/16                  February 12, 2016                              Evening: Oct. 21 & 22; March 3

3rd quarter – (47 days) 04/19/16                    April 29, 2016

4th quarter – (45 days) 06/23/16                   July 1, 2016


Minimum Session Days

October 21 - Fall Parent Conferences

October 22- Fall Parent Conferences

October 23- Fall Parent Conferences

November 25

December 14

February 8

March 3- Spring Parent Conferences

March 4- Spring Parent Conferences


June 20

June 21

June 22

June 23




September 14

September 15

September 23

September 24

October 8               - Teacher In-service

November 5 & 6    - NJEA Convention

November 26 & 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday


December 24 - January 3 - Winter Break

January 18 - MLK birthday (Observed)

February 15

March 25 - April 4 - Spring Break

April 22

May 30

PARCC Schedule

April 18 - May 26

BCT Schedule

May 25-26  Makeup: June 6-7

Final Exams:

Friday June 17 - Wednesday June 22  make up  Thursday June 23


Thursday June 23 - Good Luck!

Back to School Night

October 7 - evening