Marking Period 2
Unit 3 - Cell Cycle & Differentiation
Ends: February 3, 2016
Marking Period 1
Unit 1 - Cells & Cell Maintenance
Unit 2 - Central Dogma
Ends: November 17, 2015

Marking Period 1 starts with an in-depth review of what you've learned in previous classes, & introduces the Cell Theory.  This lays the foundation for the rest of the year.

The Second Marking period builds on what we've leared earlier, with an exploration of key concepts in Biology: The Cell Cycle, Cell Differentiation, & Inheritance.

Now we are ready to tie it all together - from chemistry back in September, through heredity, to evolution and beyond.  After all we;ve learned we should have gained some understanding of our place in the world.

We need to deal with some new concepts now - evolution & the development of different kinds of life.  We'll also explore energy flow through the environment by looking at Food Webs and Tropic Levels.

Marking Period 4
Unit 7 - Ecology
Miscellany, make-up work
Ends: June 23, 2016
Marking Period 3
Unit 4 - Inheritance
Unit 5 - Evolution
Unit 6 - Energy Transfer
Ends: April 19, 2016