Cell City: All about organelles...A2





Each individual cell operates much like a city does. Each organelle in the cell does a job that allows the whole cell to function properly. In a city, there are many different jobs that have to be done in order for the city to run smoothly. For example, a city must have a waste management system (trash). Could you imagine what a city would be like if there wasn’t anyone picking up the trash? In this project, you are going to compare the organelles in a cell to the jobs needed to run a city. You  will design a cell city on a poster; you will need to draw, and design all the parts of a city that correspond to cell organelles.



  • Step 1. Using the list below: Match up which organelles belong to each city job.
    When you are finished have your teacher give you materials for Part 2 of this project

  • Step 2. Make a poster according to the provided instructions.  You will have a rubric to guide your work.


Organelle List:

Chloroplast, Nucleus, Lysosome, Vacuole, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi Bodies, Cell Wall, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Mitochondria, Ribosomes


Power Plant___________________________________


City Hall ____________________________________


Waste Management ____________________________


Road System _________________________________


Factory ______________________________________


Water Tower __________________________________


City Limits ___________________________________


City Wall_____________________________________




Solar Energy Plants _____________________________




Instructions Continued:

  • Step 3: Choose whether you want to do a plant cell or animal cell

  • Step 4: Build your city:

    • Decide what Parts of a city you will need for the cell type you chose

    • On a poster paper provided , draw, design, cut-out your city parts and organize them on the poster like a real city would be organized

    • Label each part of the city and underneath it in parentheses label the organelle it represents. Ex. City Hall (nucleus)

  • Step 5: In the left corner of your poster draw an actual cell  and label the organelles. You may need  to use an internet search for help with this.

  • Step 6: Attach your paper to the back of the poster.



Grading Rubric: 

1.Properly matching each organelle with a city part                          ________ 35 pts


2. Choosing the right organelles for plant cell city vs.

Animal cell city.                                                                                         ________ 10 pts


3. Designing a city with all the parts represented on a poster          ________10 pts


4. Labeling all parts of the city with their correct organelle               ________ 10 pts


5. Drawing the actual cell in the corner of poster                               ________  10 pts


6. Overall quality, effort, neatness, timeliness, etc…                          ________   5 pts


7. On-time                                                                                                 _________ 10 pts


7.Total Point value                                                                                    ________/100 pts