Instructor: Mr. DeRosa                                                                                                E-mail:
Room: B326                                                                                                                    Office: A302
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:35 – 3:20 pm                                                                        Telephone: 732-302-4200 ext.

Anatomy and Physiology will focus on enabling students to develop understanding of the relationships between the structures and functions of the human body.  An emphasis is placed on the interrelatedness of such systems as the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and circulatory. This course has a substantial laboratory component, including, but not limited to, organ dissections and whole animal dissections. 
This is a fast-paced and rigorous science course requiring individual discipline to study and learn.


  • Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues (7th Edition) by Michael D. Johnson ©2014 

  • Other reading materials will be provided as needed throughout the year.

Student provided supplies:

  • Composition Note Book (do not tear out ANY pages!)

  • writing utensils (pencil and pen)

  • Colored Pencils

You are expected to attend and participate in all class sessions and assignments. If you arrive tardy to class without a pass you lose points from your class performance grade.  You should complete assigned reading and exercises before the date they are due, and you are expected to participate fully in labs, dissections, and other exercises, whether they be individual or team-based.
See student handbook for school attendance policy.

In this course you are expected to act as an adult at all times, whether in class, in the lab, or on a field trip. Disruption of class activities in any way will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary referrals as necessary as well as points lost from your class performance grade. Cell phones must be kept turned off during school hours or they will be confiscated. Hall passes are available to make essential trips to the restroom, but overuse of this privilege will result in its termination. For your safety, there is no food or drinks allowed in this laboratory classroom. I expect all students to be responsible and courteous at all times. 
Visit the FAQ for additonal details.


  • Class Assignments:

Class assignments will include daily home assignments, team projects and research, reading and written work. Scientists are expected to present their work products in a timely, neat, accurate and well-organized fashion, and you are expected to do the same in this course. Work must be submitted on the day it is due, or points will be deducted for each day late. Any assignments not turned in within two school days will receive a zero.

  • Laboratories:

Laboratory and dissections are designed to complement the lecture portion of the course by providing opportunities to learn about the human body firsthand, to test concepts and principles which have been introduced in class, and to explore the human body in greater depth.  The labs are designed to invite students to think critically and to utilize appropriate dissecting techniques and instrumentation.  Students will participate fully in the dissections as stated in the dissection agreement.

          Students will be evaluated throughout the course by their performance on unit exams, quizzes, laboratory
          exercises & lab reports, classwork, homework assignments, projects, presentations, daily class
          performance, Do Now’s & Exit Slips, dissections & dissection practicals, mid-term and final examination.

Grade Components:

40 % Tests / Quizzes

30 % Labs / Classwork

20 % Projects / Homework

10 % Performance

Grading Scale:

A     90 – 100 %

B     80 – 89   %

C     70 – 79   %

D    67 – 69   %

F     below 67 %

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Anatomy & Physiology

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