Let's have a common language

Every topic has a specific vocabulary that goes along with it.  Knowing that vocabulary is critical for us to understand the topic - for instance, I am confused when my froends speak about Cricket (the sport they play in many former British colonies).  I know what words my friends are saying, but I have no idea what these words mean.  I need to learn the vocabulary to become involved in a conersation.  The same is true for Anatomy and Physiology. 







Where things are

We need to start with the basics - where things are.  We need to be able to use descriptive words that tell us where we are looking, so we can communicate with each other.  We need to be sure we are using the same vocabulary, so vocabulary is where we'll start.  THis may be a bit confusing at first, but we will use this vocabulary throughout the year, and you will become fluent.







Body Cavities


A pithy statement about how organs fit in the body

Add descriptive paragraph.









Integumentary System


A pithy statement about skin

Add a descriptive paragraph.











Skeletal System


A pithy statement about bones

Add a descriptive paragraph.



??Marking Period 1: Anatomy & Physiology assign